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R4iShop - 3DS Supercard DSTWO

Supercard DSTWO
The Supercard DSTWO Card for Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi & DSi XL is a high-end slot-1 flash cart solution that allows you to launch games, run applications and play media directly from the device. Simply place your files onto either a micro SD or SDHC memory card (sold separately), insert the micro SD into your Supercard DSTWO, your cart into your DS, and turn the system on. Playing games and media has never been easier!

Supercard DSTWO 3DS Buy Now: $29.95

R4i Gold SDHC 3DS

Five Reasons to Buy and R4i Card from R4iShop.com

There are many DSi/DSi XL adaptor cards which are sold in the market. However, the R4 flash card has become one of the cards undergoing quick changes since it was released to the market. These constant developments make it the top cards in the sophisticated list of adaptor cards for many DSi/DSi XL owners. Buying the R4 DS card would be a smart thing to do. Any player can take advantage of the R4i’s many functions at a price that you will not regret paying for. The cost versus benefit ratio is just way off, with the benefit weighing more in the scale.

Here are the top five reasons why 3DS and DSi owners should buy an R4i:

1. Easy to setup
At first, you might think that R4i is hard to set but it has already changed a lot over the years. From being a complicated and difficult to sort out hardware, it has become an easy to set up R4i for DSi and DSi XL. It has been modified for the benefit of the users. Just go to the R4i online shop or website and download the R4i software and firmware. Save the downloaded files to the microSD memory card. Connect this memory card to the R4i card’s small slot and connect the R4 adaptor to your DS, DSi or DSi XL. This is just like how you would operate with a regular game.

2. Works with all versions of DSi XL and Nintendo 3DS
The R4i Xl still works with the original DSi and the newer DSi XL, which means that owners of DSi and DSi XL would not have any problem with it. The original R4 card does not need a replacement. The DSTTi can still be used on the DSi or DSi XL handheld video game console. Despite what you might have heard from Internet sources about rumors such as that the R4i SDHC card can rip your video game console, this is not really true. Even if you install the R4i into your DSi or DSi XL console, the R4i will only be installed as software and nothing else. The use of the R4i still has the same chances of destroying your DSi/DSi XL in the same way that other DSi games are lost or the cause of breaking the console.

3. Legality
The use of the R4i card is perfectly legal, but using it to play pirated games is not. The card works like a mini external hard-drive for your Nintendo video game console. You can also use it to play homebrew games and programs on your console. In testing the console, you have to use the R4i or any other flash cards. If the authority bands the use of R4i adaptors, it will be like stopping people from using their computers in downloading music and playing the games that they like. The R4 cards cannot be blamed for the existence of pirated games; the pirating is actually done by people.

4. Good value for money
Now, the R4 card is so much cheaper for your DSi/DSi XL because it is already mass produced. You can expect to buy your card at great value, usually below £20, along with a high capacity memory card. This can be bought from the R4ishop.com.

5. Compatible with micro SDHC
The R4i works well with micro SDHC memory cards, which can have as much as 32GB in memory capacity. These memory cards can be used to save homebrew games and programs, movies, music and photos.
It would really be of great value to every DSi owner to buy an R4i to take full advantage of the DSi/DSi XL console.

SuperCard DStwo 3DS


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